Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We have to move..

We absolutely adore our landlords, so it is going to be so hard to leave them. We believe we have to do it for our health and that of our kids.
The house is a 1910 farm house and we love the idea of it. Very cute and has lots of personality!

The down side is no insulation, old windows, old duct work, only an old furnace to heat it. We are worried that it is blowing a lot of dust and dirt around and is possibly making us and keeping us sick. Not to mention possible lead paint and several other concerns.

Sadly we will be giving up a lot of land, of course our wonderful landlords, and incredibly low rent.

Praying God brings us a house that is perfect and healthy for us...and that we can afford it!


Erica Oliver said...

praying you find a better place.... next door to me in Texas!

Our Country Road said...

I know just the right place will come up. Moving with 3 isnt easy though!