Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Life with kids

It often seems to run together. The same stuff day after day after year. I often can't remember what I did yesterday and what was the day before.
I guess that's why it still shocks me when I get those moments of clarity. You know the ones when something happens or your kid does something that makes you stop and really focus. It's in that moment that no matter what is making your life crappy, you can just smile and remember why you do what you do and put up with all the bullshit.
I had one of those today. It was so refreshing! My daughter walked up and was jabbering at me like usual except this time I really stopped and listened to her. She is incredibly smart and has a huge vocabulary for her age. She told me "Mommy, I have pretty hair. Baby Trace is hitting Homer on Mommy's shirt. Buba is making the airplane crash." I studied her gorgeous blue eyes and when she noticed me looking, she got this huge satisfied grin on her face and blushed.
It makes me wonder what other amazing things I miss her saying when I am too busy with life to listen. Sometimes I wish I could film them 24hrs a day and go back and watch it all later to see what I missed.


Dan the Husband said...

You do have some pretty amazing kids and a husband who is proud of the great job you do with them!

Our Country Road said...

Great post :)