Sunday, August 10, 2008


Since a very young age, my husband has wanted to be a deputy. Not just any deputy though! He want to be a deputy at the YCSO in OR where he grew up. He started working towards that goal before he graduated from high school. I can only imagine his mother's face when he came home and announced he had just signed up for military life! He did so with purpose though! He became an MP and thus started his law enforcement career.

Fast forward to today...He got hired by YCSO and made it through the police academy! Today is his very last day of patrol training! By midnight tonight, he will officially be a solo patrol deputy for YCSO in OR where he grew up just like he dreamed about so long ago!! He has accomplished all of this and is only 26 years old!

Can I just take a moment to say how very incredibly proud I am of you, Husband!? I so admire your drive, dedication, and motivation to go after your dreams and make them happen! The fact that you dreamed of having this job for the "right" reasons humbles me and helps me to believe there really are plain good people still left in this world! I am so blessed to have you for a husband and our children are just as blessed (although they will not always think so)to have you as their father!

Congrats to us as well! His family...his wife and children! We have truly come together as a team and support, worried, sacrificed, and lifted our deputy up, so that he could achieve his dream. Congrats to his parents, who raised a son who has such a big, loving heart! Who has integrity (hard to find these days), empathy, and a true drive to help people! Congrats to all the people in this fine county (or not) who get to know that my husband is out the protecting and serving them with the most honest intentions!