Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Trace's Home/Waterbirth

May 11, 2009
8lbs 14ozs & 21 inches

I had been having real contractions on and off for weeks and it was no different on May 18Th. I had them every half hour or big deal. I still hadn't lost my plug or anything. All we knew was that I was already 4cms dilated.I finally feel asleep around midnight on the 19Th. I woke up to a strong contraction at 2:26am, but I stayed in bed really thinking nothing of it until I realized they were coming really close together. By 3am, I realized they were 2-3 mins apart and getting stronger. That's when I had one that was so strong, I woke Dan up just from the noises I was making to get through it. We got up and I went to the restroom and realized I was losing my plug. Dan got the laptop and started timing the contractions. They were already 1-3 mins apart and lasting 45 secs-1 min! They were incredibly strong already, so I asked Dan to call our midwife. He called and told her the contraction pattern and she heard me go through 1 contraction and said she was on her way.

I stayed on the toilet for a little while so I could lose my plug, but it got to be too much so I moved to kneeling on the floor and leaning over my couch. My midwife arrived quickly and had me lay down (OUCH) to check me. Turns out I was only 6 cms! I was really upset and discouraged. She suggested I get in the pool. I wasn't sure at first, but I am SO glad because it felt amazing right away! It was around 4:30am by this time..I think. The pain was horrible and I thought more than once that I was absolutely insane for doing this again, but I kept going..since I really had no choice. I was NOT going to the hospital! At some point, my bff got here to take pictures and Dan had the video camera hooked up. They kept adding hot water to the pool and that felt great in between contractions! I remember Dan being so excited/nervous that he kept running around messing with crap and I had to yell at him to knock it off and come sit by me. I was sitting in the pool and my midwife checked me around 5:30am and I was a good 8cms.

Dan suggested that I get on my hands and knees since I had birthed both our other kids that way and it had worked well. He sat on a chair in front of me and held my hands for awhile. Talked me through every contraction. He was vital to me getting through this labor. He then started to hold my face and talk to me and it was so sweet! I was checked again around 6:30am and was 9cms and closing in on 10 fast. My midwife said to go ahead and push if I felt the urge because it wouldn't hurt anything. I did feel a small urge to push, but not a lot for about 3 contractions. Suddenly it changed and my contractions were right on top of each other and my body was pushing hard and fast. I felt totally out of control but SO excited! My mindset completely changed and I kept saying I was almost done! It's so hard to describe. A strange *peace* came over me, but at the same time I was filled with the pure energy of life!

It was 7am when my body started to push. I had contractions back to back the whole time. Suddenly I felt the pressure stay down..then I felt the head pop under the bone..then I felt the baby crowning. That has got to be my favorite feeling when giving birth. That's when Dan got in the pool behind me. I felt the head coming out and it was half way out before my water broke! In 3 pushes, baby came out and 7:14am and he floated right into his daddy's hands!!

I had to be careful turning around, because the cord seemed really short. Dan lifted him half out of the water and he was screaming right away. So sweet! I got turned around and Dan handed him to me and I looked. It's a BOY!! We were in love already! Maybe 10 mins later, I got on my knees and delivered the placenta. WOW the cord was short!! I had a small blood clot and almost no bleeding! We had my bff cut the cord and named her God Mommy.

I handed the baby off to Dan and got up to waddle to bed. Got there and we all got in bed and cuddled. I got to eat and drink and take some Tylenol. Trace started nursing like a champ and nursed for the next 2 hours! He had pooped in the pool right after he was born and pooped again while he was nursing. Some time in that 2 hrs, our midwife cleaned up everything, got us food and drinks, and my bff went and got the other kids and they came to meet Trace. Wyatt was thrilled right away, but Addie looked confused. We weighed him and our midwife checked him over and then checked me. I had one small split up the front, but it was tiny and I didn't need any stitches. Trace was 8lbs 14ozs and 21 inches and very healthy! He is beyond precious.

I think that was the perfect birth for our last baby!