Thursday, August 21, 2008

Much more than my birthday!

Today is my 26th birthday! I am SO excited to be 26. Most women don't want to get older. I love that I am is just getting better and better! I wouldn't change my age for the world!

Today is much more than just my birthday!

5 years ago today, I was waiting with my mom for Dan to pick me up. We met online and had been talking on the phone for hours for the last 4 days. This would be the first time we met in person and out first date. He came walking in with 2 gorgeous pink roses in a vase. He was (and is) so handsome! I gave him a big, nervous hug and we sat down so my mom and I could talk to him a bit. Safety first.. He was approved so we left on our first date!
He took me to Claim Jumpers and I can't remember if it was yummy or not cause we were too busy staring at each other. We went to a bar after that..duh it was my 21st bday! It's a must!
We weren't there for very long. We left and went to the lake by my parent's house and talked and had our first kiss. He took me home late and I was sad he had to go.
I knew that night that he was it for me! I still feel that way today!

5 years later, we are married and have 2 gorgeous kids and we have accomplished so much as a family! We are young and accept that we will each change through the years and that's ok. We have a strong marriage, relationship, and friendship. We are so happy and blessed!

Here's to birthdays, getting older, and another 5 years of bliss!!