Friday, April 16, 2010

When did life get so complicated?

When I was a kid (I know.27 is super old now!), I remember kids went to school and played. It's just what you did if you were a kid back then. I really believe that's the way it should be for kids. Obviously as they get a bit older, you have to make sure that take care of their homework, chores, and obligations to teams if they are a part of any. Really, their lives shouldn't be that complicated though.

I hope to get back to the basics for my kids sakes. They deserve to just be kids for as long as possible even though our world today is making it harder and harder as we go.

On another note..Who knew being an adult would be so hard? I don't mean the everyday life stuff that everyone has to deal with. Having a roof, food, clothes, retirement, normal disagreements with your spouse/partner. Such things are expected. I mean all the extra baggage. Where did all the expectations come from? When did we start comparing and judging each other so harshly? Is it any wonder that mental illness has made a HUGE leap? We live in a world where *most people* have some sort of a mental illness. Depression is an enormous issue all over the world today. I don't know anyone who doesn't feel the pressure to be, look, and/or act a certain way every single day.

We come from an era where you may not get much help even if you seek help, because it is very likely that your therapist is just as screwed up as you are!

In fact, I'm starting to wonder if it's not really me that has all the issues. Maybe it's just the world in general that is making me think I am crazy.

If I hide in my house and avoid people, then I am depressed, but if I stand up for what I want and what I believe, then I am controlling and over-bearing.

Can I just say, "HUH?"