Monday, April 13, 2009

Life Happens..

It always does. Especially when you start something new that you mean to keep up with. Like a new book, a load of laundry, or a blog..
Some how time has flown by again and I am 35 weeks pregnant with a 3 yr old and a 1.5 yr old! How does this happen without you really knowing?
We are ready for the baby now and can't wait to find out boy or girl! Anytime really.. I feel like life will be so much easier when I'm not pg anymore and can move without hurting again.
It's be kinda nice if the damn weather would cooperate and actually get warm and stay that way for a while. I'm over being cold all the time..
Otherwise we are doing pretty good! Got a new van just in time for baby! We love it! We have never been van people, but what are you gonna do when you need to fit 3 kids and their stuff and not go broke on gas..?
Dan is working as much as possible to save time off so he can take a long vacation when the baby comes. That'll be so nice! I've never had him for more than 10 days.
Kids are growing...bossy little turds..cute too. That's why we keep them around..
I'm doing ok with my depression. Have some good and bad days. The weather is NOT helping.
We are happy overall though. We love each other and also *like* each other, so we'll be ok.
That's about it for now...I'll post some recent pictures asap..


Lisa said...

WOW ... where did all THAT time go? Are you planning another waterbirth at home?

Katie said...

Yup..we've got the same pool Addie was born in all ready to go!

I'm getting excited!!

T- said...

Crazy how fast time passes when you are busy!